Welcome to Cenerge Engineering Solutions, your number one source for efficient heat transfer. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of pillow plate technology, with a focus on superior quality, high thermal and vacuum performance, custom design and durability.

Founded in 2019, Cenerge Engineering Solutions has become a pioneer in indigenously developing and manufacturing pillow plate heat exchangers in India. We first started out as an exclusive project with Institute for Plasma Research, India - a leading scientific institution focussed on development and studies of plasma science. Through persistent research and ground-breaking development, we were able to successfully design and manufacture pillow plate heat exchangers in various designs, shapes and sizes. Cenerge pillow plates are completely laser welded to ensure a leak proof design (local leak rate of ≤ 5x10-10 mbar.L/s), that is capable of handling very high pressures. We work with various research organizations so that we can offer you the most advanced, tailor-made pillow plate heat exchangers.

At Cenerge Engineering Solutions, we want to keep innovating new products that add more value to every application. By researching, designing, manufacturing and testing each product all under the same roof, we are able to provide customers with an end-to-end solution.

Laser Welded Pillow Plates

Laser Welded

CENERGE pillow plate heat exchanger patterns are 100% laser welded for optimal performance.

Vacuum Compatible Pillow Plates

helium leak tightness

CENERGE pillow plate heat exchangers are vacuum compatible and offer a local leak rate of < 5 x 10-10 mbar.L/s.

Single and Double Embossed Pillow Plates

single and Double

CENERGE offers pillow plate heat exchangers with both, single and double embossed wall options.

Custom Manufactured Pillow Plates

custom made

CENERGE pillow plate heat exchangers are tailor made in various shapes and sizes to meet your heat transfer requirements.

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