Pillow Plate Tanks Used for Brewing

As the world sees a surge in demand for food, beverages and a variety of essential chemicals, it also needs faster, more efficient and cost effective solutions for manufacturing and storage. Pillow plate heat exchangers have become a vital component in the food, beverage and chemical industry. The growing popularity of pillow plate heat exchangers in these applications is owing to the cost effectiveness and efficiency of cooling and heating it offers compared to traditional heat exchangers.

Typical Applications :

  • Cooling / heating tanks and coolers for beer, wine, milk and other beverages
  • Ice machines for the meat industry
  • Cooling plates for chocolate industry
  • Cooling / heating of food machinery and conveyor systems
  • Cooling / heating of process tanks in chemical manufacturing
  • Cooling / heating jackets for reactors and pressure vessels
  • Heat exchangers for fluidised bed reactors
  • Immersion plates

Cenerge Engineering Solutions offers tailor made solutions for efficient heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation processes involved in your application. Our cost effective pillow plate technology offers you the best results for your cooling and heating requirements.

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